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Effective noise reduction by

Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems faced in cities today. Soundshield combats noise pollution by acting as a reflective barrier, efficiently blocking sound from exiting a contained area and providing peace of mind for nearby residents. With a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 28, Soundshield provides excellent sound insulation performance.

Rw-28 SoundShield
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Exceptional noise control through absorption.

Peacemaker is made of sound absorbing polyethylene foam that effectively traps noise within its cell structure. Sound absorption testing indicates a perfect Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1. Peacemaker offers consistent acoustical performance across a variety of environments, and its hydrophobic properties protect against humidity and water absorption, while being flame retardant.


Ultra noise reduction by absorption & reflection.

Acoustic+ combines the sound attenuation properties of both Soundshield and Peacemaker to yield superior noise reduction results. Actively reducing noise in three phases (absorbing – reflecting – absorbing), Acoustic+ is Con-form Groups’ premier acoustic solution. A zero echo sound isolation system, Acoustic+ offers good looks and seamless integration with the clean lines of the Acoustic Screen Wall.

Acoustic Plus Chart RW-33