Con-form Series 2 Lite Surface Mounted Platform – Designed for Flat Surfaces.

Affordable Flexibility

Cost effective lightweight aluminium platform system.
Height adjustable base supports.
Modular framework offers versatile expansion possibilities.
Made from aluminium and stainless steel backed by a 20-year warranty.
The free standing system eliminates penetrations protecting your roof membrane.
Provides excellent load distribution and supports 500kgs per bay  (1200mm x 1200mm).
An obvious replacement for traditional concrete plinths, which cause leaks as a result of pooling and waterproofing issues.
Solid 304 stainless steel base features rubber isolation pads to reduce vibrations and provide sound dampening qualities.


Series 2 Lite is available in modular 1200mm increment sizes to suit your needs. Base supports have 100mm of adjustment to allow for drainage provisions. System remains flexible during and after project design allowing for changes late into the construction stage. The lightweight aluminium design (16kg/m2) makes for easy assembly and reduces the need for additional structural requirements.

Speed of Build

Con-form Platforms are in stock and ready to go, greatly reducing lead times.
Con-form’s Series 2 Lite is quickly and easily assembled on site.

Specify Con-form Platforms

Provide Con-form Series-2 Lite proprietary surface mounted platform system.
Supported by solid 304 stainless steel base feet with rubber isolation pads.
Live load rated to 500kg per 1200mm x 1200mm bay.

Optional Additions

  • Con-form AVANT Vibration reducing pads 120mm x 120mm x 22mm
  • Con-form AVANT Vibration reducing pads 300mm x 300mm x 22mm

Base Frame

Base Frame


  • 4 x Base Foot
  • 8 x RHS Cap
  • 4 x RHS – 1200mm
  • 56 x Tek Screws – 20mm
  • 4 x S2 Intermediate Brackets

Extender Frame

Extender Frame


  • 2 x Base Foot
  • 4 x RHS Cap
  • 4 x RHS – 1200mm
  • 40 x Tek Screws – 20mm
  • 4 x S2 Intermediate Brackets
  • 2 x Cross Support Splice

From: $390.00